Are you wondering, what Manuka Honey is the best? We can only say that our tagline Arguably. The best honey in the world. is not an understatement for those who have tried our products. The tagline actually comes from one of the people who tried our delicious Manuka Honey and was amazed by the taste, colour and consistency of the product when they opened a jar of Zealandia Honey.

We pride ourselves in doing everything we can to craft the best product you can buy from New Zealand. From the honey to the packaging and consumer experience. As example have a look at our new track and trace system which is as simple as just scanning the QR code on your jar and you can find out where your honey comes from, learn more about the potency, purity and authenticity of the jar you are holding.

Genuine and real Manuka Honey comes from New Zealand, that's why it is important that you buy a product that has 'Product of New Zealand' on the label or is a partner of the buyNZ (NZ Made) programme, which ensures the ingredient (honey) is sourced locally sourced from within New Zealand. 

The best honey from New Zealand in the world