When collecting nectar, bees regulate the temperature inside their hives. Honey bees maintain the temperature of the brood nest between 32°C and optimally 35°C so that the brood develops normally. When the temperature in the nest is too high the bees ventilate by fanning the hot air out of the nest or use evaporative cooling mechanisms. When the temperature is too low bees generate metabolic heat by contracting and relaxing their flight muscles (having uncoupled the wings from them). The resulting vibration generates heat in those muscles.

Bees know a lot about honey, so why not stick with the plan?

At Zealandia Honey® we do not heat our products, we keep the temperature as low as possible and the steps to a minimum to make sure you consume a pure and true super food made provided by nature. Our raw symbol indicates that your honey has been processed with utmost care and the only process step we have is to cream your honey to perfection to give it that distinct Manuka Honey creamed texture.

Tip: Look for our raw symbol on your jars

Raw Manuka Honey from New Zealand