The cost of Mānuka Honey is directly dependant on the MGO content it has. The higher the MGO the higher the price. There are other contributing factors to the price too such as that the Manuka tree only flowers for 4 weeks in a year, the demand for this honey is greater than what is produced resulting in a higher price.Crafting this honey is greatly dependant on weather conditions, The beekeepers go to great lengths, and to the remotest regions to get premium quality Manuka honey. Extensive laboratory testing for each batch of honey so that you know the quality of our honey is guaranteed.

The leptospermum scoparium, also called tea tree of Mānuka tree grows uncultivated throughout the New Zealand landscape. Due to the difficulties of finding high density Mānuka trees in nature the supply of high-grade Mānuka honey is low and the worldwide demand is high.

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